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Monday, 7 April 2008

Use the HYSYS Carry-over capability to unclutter your PFD

Quite often I see PFDs where the oil stream off a separator gets split in a TEE and the water stream gets split in a TEE and then the oil branch mixes with the main water line and the water branch mixes with the main oil line. Not to mention cases where the oil has a second branch to model oil carry over in the vapour phase. All that in an effort to model carry over or entrainment.
Then sometimes SET operations are added to get the correct carry over spec and even adjust operations.

HYSYS has had a Carry Over capability on the separator operation for many years now, it would seem that people haven't found the way to that input page yet.

So, if you want to specify carry over or entrainment: Go to the RATING tab and there find the C.Over page, yes, C.Over stands for Carry Over. Carry Over works both in steady state and in dynamics.

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