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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Did You Know Series: Manipulating flows in dynamics

It is common practice when building a dynamic model to only model a single train if two or more identical parallel trains exist in a facility.  The one hurdle to take is to change the flow to a fraction or multiple of the flow at a number of points in the simulation. To my surprise I recently received a HYSYS case that was using an extension called "multipop" that I created 15 years ago for this purpose. You can still get it on the Aspentech support site.

So here is the "Did you know?": There has been a built-in way to do this in HYSYS and most probably UNISIM for quite while. You can use a Mixer operation, just give it one inlet and one outlet, then go to the Dynamics tab and you'll find a "Product Molar Flow Factor" that works just like the extension operation. I am all for extensions, but not if the capability is built-in.

Screenshot in HYSYS V8.3

Note that this multiplier option only works in dynamics!

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