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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Did you know series: Is V8.x eating your screen real estate? The "Send To" function comes to the rescue!

I am pretty sure that you also have the impression that with the advent of version V8.x your screen has all of a sudden become way too small. And I have heard on enough occasions that a second screen is a luxury only reserved for designers. Fortunately, the Send To function introduced with version V8.x really helps.

In any view you can right click on some input or result and get a context sensitive menu with as one of the options: "Send To". This option lets you send the selected bit of information to Case Studies, Data Tables, Spreadsheets or Strip Charts. These can be existing objects or you can select to create a new one.

The send to is really useful because you do not need to have the view of the case study or spreadsheet open, you only need the view of the item you want to send.

With V8.6 have come some improvements. When you send an item to an existing spreadsheet, you'll get a chance to indicate where you want the item to go and there will be an indication which cells are already taken. That makes this a very handy way to add data to spreadsheets. There are a couple more features that you might not have expected:

  • You can send an input, say a stream mass flow, to a cell that contains a calculated value and this will export the formula result to that input.
  • You can select a range of values, a composition for example, and send the whole range to the spreadsheet! Make sure your spreadsheet can handle all the data!
Have a play with this new feature, it will make your life a lot easier!!!

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