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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Improving your reporting capabilities

Part of modelling is of course getting your results properly reported. There are a couple really nice utilities in HYSYS that really could do with a way to execute them for all streams in your whole model. As the question kept coming up in various places I have set out to create a couple of macros that will do exactly that for you. The current collection allows you to run the following utilities for a selection (or all) of the streams:

- Hydrate formation utility
- Line sizing utility
- Cold properties utility
- Critical properties utility

If you feel you might have a use for these, drop me a line and I will get the macros to you. I know, I could probably post them on the support site, I don't have direct access to that, so if if something goes wrong, you'd have to go back through support to get a fix.

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Nipen Shah said...

Hi Kwizim

I am really happy to see your blogs on HYSYS. I work on HYSYS everyday and I know a lot of HYSYS tricks. However, after reading your blog I felt that I have still a lot to learn. I am currently working on hydrate formation. I would appreciate if you could send me the macros that you have created for hydrate formation utility. my email address is


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