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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

How to model a staggered depressuring

To make a staggered depressuring you can follow this procedure:

  1. Create a "normal" depressuring utilityRead the depressuring guide or elsewhere on on how to do this
  2. Run the utility once.
  3. If you have an older HYSYS version, go to Simulation / Integrator and then to the Options tabRoughly in the middle of the list there is the "Access Fidelity License Options". If you don't find this one, it probably means you have a more recent version and so you do not need to bother. If you DO find it: check that option.
  4. Go to the PFD
  5. Right click on the subflowsheet associated with the depressuring utility and select "Open PFD"Double click on the separator and go to the Rating tab, and then to the Nozzles page. If you do not find the Nozzles page, go back to step 3 and verify you followed instructions.
  6. Change the Elevatiojn (% of Height) of the LIQUID stream to 100%. This puts the liquid nozzle at the top of the vessel and so it effectively becomes a vapour nozzle. Close separator view.
  7. Open the LiquidFlowRate spreadsheet and on line B15 change the time to the time at which you want the second valve to open. Close spreadsheet view.
  8. Go back to the Depressuring Utility view, Design Tab, Valve Parameters Page.
  9. Change liquid flow equation from (No Flow) to anything EXCEPT Fischer and specify the opening area or Cv.
  10. Run your utility
    If you now need to make a staggering with more than 2 valves, you will need to tinker some more with the LiquidFlowRate spreadsheet you edited in step 7.
  11. In cell A17 you type Start "3rd Flow at", in cell B17 you put the time when you want to start the flow from the 3rd valve.
  12. In cell C17 you put the following formula: "@if(B16>=B17,X,1.0)". You should replace X with a number bigger than 1. An X of 2 will assume the third valve has the same size as the second one. An X of 1.5 will make it half as big and an X of 3 will make it twice the size.
  13. In Cell B12, you add "*C17" at the end of the formula.
  14. Close spreadsheet view and go back to Depressuring utility and run it

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