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Friday, 12 June 2009

Modelling TEG Dehydration accurately

When using HYSYS version 2006.5 or higher, you definitely should use the Glycol Package as you thermodynamic model for this application. There a several reasons why it is superior to using Peng Robinson. Please note that although the package is present in versions prior to 2006.5 we did not have all the proper interaction coefficients in place and you could get inaccurate result, worse than Peng Robinson.

Key improvements over PR:
  1. No more mysterious temperature rise over the TEG letdown valve
  2. Accurate prediction of TEG losses in the dry gas, in particular at pressures above 60 bar
  3. No more spurious liquid/liquid phase splits for TEG with a lot of water
  4. Accurate BTX absorption and stripping results
  5. Accurate solubility result of BTX in the regenerator overhead condenser
So change your habits and update your in-house recommendations. If you have doubts, check things out first, but once you have done so, change those habits!!!

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