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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Discussing and sharing your ideas on what new stuff you would like to see in HYSYS

I try to gather ideas on new things that should go in HYSYS. But of course I get one request here and another request there and it is sometimes hard to judge how much interest there is in that sort of feature from the user community as a whole. I got this publicity in my inbox for something called Zenbe Shareflow and that prompted the idea to try to use that new thing for exactly the purpose of publishing new feature requests and collect feedback on each request to gauge the general interest. For the moment there is just a single flow called New HYSYS features. If the single flow gets too crowded I'll split it up, but maybe the whole thing never takes off.

The Zenbe application works by subscription, so if you want to be part you need to let me know. Send an Email to

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